Monday, August 4, 2014

New Chapter and a SALE

I literally have not opened my laptop in the last 2 WEEKS.  That is a new record for me.  A lot of changes have been happening for me in the last 2 weeks and I am excited to finally share them with you.

My husband and I have relocated to a new city, started new jobs, and adopted an adorable new puppy.  Here are some pics of my new furry friend!  Her name is Kinzie and she is an 11 week old Boxer/Lab/Setter mix that we rescued 1 week ago! I couldn't just pick one picture, so hope you don't mind seeing a few!


As far as my new job, I am thrilled to be able to continue working with school age kids with autism.  The only difference is that I will now be working in a clinical setting where kids spend their entire day at the clinic working on academic, functional, play, and communication skills.  I am super excited to be applying my skill set in a new environment, but it was extremely hard to say goodbye to my old kiddos, their families, and my amazing coworkers.  Words can't describe all the emotions I have had about ending one chapter of my career and moving onto a new one.  I have had many teary-eyed moments over the last couple months anticipating all these changes, but after starting my new job, my mind is much more at ease.  The kids are great (and will definitely keep me challenged) and the staff are welcoming and supportive.  I can't wait to continue to share with you my school experiences as well as add in my new clinical experiences as well!

In the spirit of all these new milestones, I am joining in the TPT Back to School Sale.  My entire store will be 28% off with the code BTS14 at checkout!  Click here or the image below to be redirected to my TPT store.


  1. She is adorable! Good luck to you and your family on your new adventure together. I can't wait to hear more about your new experiences, your blog has been such a great source of information for me!

  2. Kinzie looks like she is already relaxed and happy in her new home - well done for taking in a rescue! I second Charlie's comments that I have found your blog very informative and look forward to hearing all about your new experiences too :-) Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

  3. Congratulations on your new job, move and new dog! I hope you will enjoy your new job setting! I really enjoy your blog!

  4. I am so relieved that you are continuing your blog, because yours is my absolute favorite, and I agree with the others about it being such a great source of information. Congratulations on your new adorable puppy with the cute name and with your move and new job. I'm curious about a clinical setting. Is this a setting for students that struggle in public schools? I wish you lots of success!

    1. I am supervising the unit for kids who are school age, so yes, it is mostly for kiddos who struggled in school. My group focuses more on social skills and learning classroom routines than actual academics (since none of my staff are trained teachers). We also have other units with 2-5 year olds who are there for early intervention ABA services. So far, it has been super interesting and I like it a lot...but it does take up a lot of my time and make blogging harder to get to...hence why I am responding to your comment so long after you posted :)

  5. yes, what is a clinical setting like? Is this similar to the TEACCH in NC? anyway, congrats, it sounds exciting. Paula