Thursday, February 6, 2014

LIFE SKILLS Product Preview

Many of you have emailed me asking about resources for setting up your own Life Skills Classroom.  I have some great news….I finally have a TPT product that supplies you with everything to start your own life skills classroom!
This product includes:
*4 Labels for different areas of the room (Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, and Office).
*14 Tasks (3-4 from each different area).  All of the directions/visuals are included for each task. 
(NOTE: You will still need the "real life items" for tasks…i.e. silverware, containers, clothes, etc.).  
*Color-Coded Schedule System (enough task labels and schedule pieces for 20 tasks).
*Editable Schedule to add in students' names.
*Data sheet for tracking level of independence on the life skills tasks.
*Real life photos of all tasks.

Here are the labels for the different areas of the room.  We taped these on the walls and then had certain tasks related to that theme in that general area of the room.

For kitchen tasks, this product includes visuals and set-up instructions for:
Setting the Table, Sorting Silverware, Sorting Food by food group, and Sorting Recycling

For office tasks, this product includes visuals and set-up instructions for:
Collating Paperclip Task, Filing by Color, Sorting Pens vs. Pencils, Packaging School Supplies
For laundry tasks, this product includes visuals and set-up instructions for:
Sorting Colored vs. White Laundry, Matching/Folding Socks, Hanging Clothes

For Bathroom Tasks, this product includes visuals and set-up interactions for:
Packaging Bathroom Supplies, Labeling Body Parts/Clothes, Packaging Toothbrushes

Also included, are all the materials you need to make a Life Skills schedule.  An editable template is available for you to add in your own student names.  There are also 20, color-coded task labels that you can post by each task and corresponding schedule pieces.  I also included the data sheet we use as well as a task list for you to track which tasks you have.  

This product also contains extremely detailed instructions on how to set up each task as well as ideas on setting up your life skills room in general.  It is a great step-by-step resource!

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