Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Par-Tay!

Well, we survived another holiday party!  As promised earlier in the week, today I am posting pics of how all our activities turned out today!  And, I am happy to say, that all of our projects were a success!

Earlier this week, we made cupid's crunch…which turned out delicious, but was too time-consuming for our party today.

We loved doing these different crafts.  The one with do-a-dot bingo dabbers turned out super cute even though I totally cut it out of the picture!

I also think this one turned out cute and was super easy to prep for!

The "pin the heart on the dinosaur" game was also a hit.  Some of the kids were a little weirded out by the blindfold, but they had fun with it!  A couple kids even decided to spin themselves around a few extra times!

The kids had fun picking a friend and making a treat bag and valentine's card for them as well.

My favorite was the candy heart math station, where kids estimated, counted, and graphed!  All of these project ideas were from Pinterest or TPT activities.  For more infer on any of these projects, see my post from earlier this week.


  1. I did the "I love you to pieces" craft with my elementary life skills kids, as a gift for their families. The kids did a great job and they all turned out really cute. Thank you!

  2. I love seeing you use the candy hearts activity!! It is great when I know someone is able to use something I created. I am going to link this post up with the post about the activity!