Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Activity Ideas

Valentine's Day is coming up quick!  And since I was out all last week, this is really the only week I have to do all my fun Valentine's Day themed activities!!  In today's post, I just wanted to share some ideas we will be trying out!  
We will be making Valentine's Day cards using this fun art technique using pencil erasers from I Like to Decorate.

We will also be doing this fun bingo-stamper activity from Your Face is Like the Sunshine and this paper tearing activity.

We will be cooking "Cupid's Crunch" which I found on This Mama Loves

I also love this math activity involving candy hearts from Learning Ahoy.  These are free…so definitely check them out!  It involves estimation, sorting, even/odd, addition, and graphing!

Of course, no month would be complete without a holiday Bingo!

I also have a fun "pin the heart" game where kids get blindfolded and have to try and stick the heart on the target.

Many of these activities will be for our Valentine's Day party on Friday!  Check back then to see how ours turn out…we may have some Pinterest Fails on our hands!

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