Friday, May 31, 2013

TGIF...Summer Count Down

Well, we have officially started our countdown to is still a long ways off (16 school days to be exact!).  We made this paper chain this week, and have been cutting off one piece per day.  I remember making paper chains like this in school growing up and saw some bloggy friends doing it as well, so I decided to do it with my kids as well.  As I we were putting it together, I realized how many goals I could target.  

First of all, we worked on the fine motor skills of cutting paper into strips and stapling.  Then, we worked on creating a rainbow pattern on our chain.  For my non-verbal students, we used PECS to practice requesting colors.  And, of course, we are now working on counting each day as well as understanding the concept of time.

The only sad part for me is...our countdown isn't even to summer break...we go straight into summer school!  At least then, we only have school for half-days, 4 days a week!  I'm looking forward to any kind of break!  


  1. I'm kind of sad for you! You should get some time off in between, will you have time off after summer school and before the "regular" session begins? I like the chain idea, you made every step a learning moment! Paula

    1. I will have about a week and a half off...our school is switching their calendar next we start earlier in order to end earlier next June. So, only this one summer will I have such a short break...I usually get 4 weeks off. Hope you had a great weekend and enjoy your summer break!

  2. Congratulations you won my book giveaway!! Please Check your email.

    That was a great idea to make it into an art project. I do feel sad for you too. We at least have a week between the end of school and the first summer session. We also get Fridays off and I can't wait.

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