Thursday, May 23, 2013

Emotion Book

Earlier this year, I posted about an adapted book I made to work on identifying emotions.  My kids love this book, because it features pictures of them on each page displaying different emotions.  Here are some examples from the books I made.  Each page has 2 choices of emotions.  As the students read the book, they are supposed to velcro a star on the correct emotion the person is feeling.
A few people requested I sell this book on Teachers Pay Teachers.  It took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to do that since my version of the book features pictures of my students.  I really liked this aspect and wanted to make this option available to other teachers as well.  So, I ended up creating 2 versions of the same book.  One version has pictures of people displaying emotions and the other version has blank circles where you can place pictures of your own students.  Here is an example of the difference between the 2 versions.

Here is an example of a page where I placed a picture of myself in the blank circle.

And here are some more examples of pages from the book.

The two versions of this book are available for purchase at my TPT Store (click here or the image below to go directly to this product)


  1. What a great idea! I'm sure your students love seeing their own faces - I know mine always love the books we make from classroom photos. Fun lesson to have them make the emotion faces for the book, too!


  2. This is awesome!! I love the prompt "no playground today" reminds of a meltdown one of my kids had today because we did not go to recess. I'm doing a picture book giveaway on my blog, hope you get to enter.

    Challenges Make Life Interesting

  3. Great activity, this is a difficult concept to teach, thank you! Paula