Sunday, May 5, 2013

Reading Data Organized!

This is my first year keeping my reading data in a binder...I should have started this years ago.  It makes it so easy to find everything you need within seconds....just grab the whole binder for your grade level meeting or to update a parent if they show up without an appointment to see how their child is doing!  I would love to hear/see how you all organize your reading data as well!

The main thing I keep in this binder are my reading assessments (which provide me with my students' reading levels).  In the front of the binder, I keep my list of students who are reading with their level from each assessment throughout the year.  These are super awesome to look back on and see how much progress a student has made.  If I have students for more than one year, I have their data from previous years as well.

I also keep my reading level chart handy, so I have a quick reference of grade level and how to convert my students level to other reading assessments.

Then, each student has a section of the binder where I store my data sheets from their assessments.  I have been lazy about copying the actual sheets, so instead, I write down all the accuracy mistakes and responses to comprehension questions on a piece of notebook paper.  I store all the assessment data sheets/notebook paper in toploading sheets.

I also store fluency assessments for each student as well.

For spelling, we use Words Their Way.  So, I keep a copy each students score sheets from the Bear Assessment in this binder as well as their actual spelling tests.

Another thing I keep in this binder for reference-sake is a list of all the Dolch Sight Words.  I have most of these separated into flashcard sets that I use to assess what level sight words each student should be reading.


  1. Love this, binders are the best system! I also use words their way as a supplement to the core reading program, most of my students follow regular classroom curriculum, so I feel like I am scrambling to keep up and don't have the control I used to have. I would love to keep better track of their progress, this looks like a good way. thank you, Paula

    1. I know!! I have a slight obsession with binders (if you couldn't tell!). Glad you found this idea helpful!