Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rebus Stories FREE

Do you ever have a time where you find an old activity you forgot about??  I found one this week that I love...and it is available for free here at  

They are rebus stories that have pictures incorporated into the stories.  My early readers love these, because they feel like they are actually reading!  The picture supports not only help them understand, but also encourage them to be independent readers.  

These particular stories are also great, because they have easy worksheets that correspond to the story.  The kids practice answering yes/no questions, matching words to pictures, filling in the blanks of sentences, etc.  Below, is a sample worksheet that goes with the story, "I Like Summer."  There are 10 different stories available for free at, so definitely check them out!

These have been great to photocopy and use with my kiddos as we wind down the last month of school...a nice change in pace!  Have you stumbled across any old activities or ideas lately worth sharing?

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