Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Time & Money

I am always trying to find ways to work on time and money every day.  I love these two interactive worksheets that my kids have in their morning binders (see this post).  We do these every day after we finish our morning group (daily weather, calendar, etc.), so my students have time to work on these skills independently.

The first activity is for telling time.  I had a bunch of these mini clocks laying around my classroom, so I Velcro one onto the bottom of the page.  Each day, the kids get to choose a time they want (they circle it as shown below) and then they manipulate the clock to make it say the corresponding time.  Then, the next day, they circle a new number (and so on....until all the times have been circled).  Once all the times have been circled, I can give them a worksheet with harder times (telling time to 5-minute or 1-minute increments), or use the same sheet again (just use some cleaning spray to wipe off the overhead marker).

This second activity is similar, only for money.  For this activity, I Velcro fake money to the bottom (and switch it out each week).  When I created this, we were doing different activities on Tues/Thurs, so that is why this example only has work for Mon, Wed, Fri.  My students have to count up the money and then circle the correct amount in the top part of the worksheet.  This one can also be made easier/harder depending on the student.


  1. I really like this idea. The money would be too hard for my students but we are working on telling time and this would be wonderful! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!

  2. I love clocks and money too. Feel free to see my math activities with clocks post and math activities with money post. I found you on Oh Boy.
    Kids Math Teacher

  3. Are these on your tpt store? I'd love to use them :)

    1. Not currently...but I will try and get them up this summer :-)