Friday, April 26, 2013

Some Funny Classroom Moments

TGIF...I love my job...but I also love my weekends.  Here are the top 5 moments of my work week:

1.  My occupational therapist started drawing lines on my students' journal paper to remind them to start on the left side of the paper.  Well, on this day, my student drew his own line, but then proceeded to write his journal in the middle/right side of his paper.

2.  When working on intraverbals during "social time,"  one of my students got the statement "A chicken says__" His answer.... "KFC."  Had to laugh at that one!

3.  One of my students likes to discuss his mom's "church rules" with me from time to time.  He basically repeats his rules and wants me to tell him "yes...that's right."  This week, he said "No going on the stage while the Pastor's preaching?"  haha....I wonder what prompted that rule to be created?

4.  One of my students had a birthday this week.  He wanted donuts for his school "birthday party" (this consists of us singing "happy birthday," blowing out candles, eating dessert, and having the kids give the birthday person a compliment...the whole thing lasts 10 minutes...haha).  So, before we went to the Donut store across the street from our school, my student asked all of the kids what kind of donut they wanted....and then he remembered everyone's choices when he ordered at the store!  Love it!

5.  We added flowers (made by gluing colored popsicle sticks) underneath our umbrellas from last week.  Hoping that April Showers really do bring May Flowers!  

Another (personal) highlight of my week was getting to see my professional wedding pictures!  We scrolled through 100s and finally selected all the pictures we want.  Can't wait to actually get them!  Here is a picture of my husband and I on the last day of our destination wedding in Cancun.  While my day to day life is not like a relaxing trip to Mexico...I definitely love my class and my job and wouldn't be happy without them in my life!  It's the little moments like these, that make me love my job! 

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  1. Sitting around reading blogs and your funny cracked me up! I love that the kiddo drew his own lines and wrote in the middle of the paper! Precious!
    Thanks for a giggle!