Monday, April 8, 2013

Little Critters FREEBIE

There are a bunch of these "Little Critters" books out there which are great for beginning readers.  While I was gone for my wedding, I made a mini reading lesson for my sub  to use during our guided reading time using the book Just Helping My Dad.   I felt like this book was at a level that all of my kids would be able to access in some way or another.  The non-readers could understand parts of it if it was read aloud to them, while the highest readers could work on real life comparisons and/or sequencing.  

I included a packet of worksheets for my students to complete as well when they finished the book.  The first one is a basic comprehension sheet and the second has to do with real life connections to the book.  You can get both of these worksheets for free by clicking here.  Even if you don't have this book, the second worksheet would be great for a unit on "helping" skills!

 I also found a bunch of FREE "Little Critters" worksheets on their website.  Check them out at

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