Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Money Counting Visuals

When it comes to money skills, I have students at a wide range of levels.  Some students are working on identifying names/values of each coin, others are working on counting multiple of the same coin, while others are working on counting combinations of different coins.  These are some of my favorite visuals to use when working on counting multiples of the same coin.  Everything seen in today's post is also available in my TPT Store (click here to go straight to this product).

I made one for counting by Pennies:



I use these by giving my students a certain number of coins.  Then they put them onto the visual (there is velcro on the coins and on the visual...although you wouldn't have to do this).  Students count (by 1s, 5s, 10s, or 25s) as they put the coins on.  Then, I ask them, "How much do you have?"  And they should answer with the total (i.e. "50 cents").  Not only is this activity helpful for money skills, but this is also a great way to work on counting by 1s, 5, 10s, and 25s.  My students with autism are so associating the coins with the visual is a great place to start.  Once they can independently utilize the visual, I fade it out and have them practice counting the coins on their own.  

Also included in this packet on TPT is an activity for matching coins to their correct value.  One is color coded to aid in discrimination between the different coins when coins are first introduced (the same colors are used as on the previously shown visuals) as well as one version with the colors faded out.  I cut these apart and use them as a matching task, where students velcro the coin to the correct card.

I have also included in this pack a couple of money worksheets.  

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