Monday, April 29, 2013

Sometimes, I need visuals too!

Most of us have tons of visuals all around our classroom for our students.  Sometimes, I need visuals for myself too!  If it works for the kids, why wouldn't it work to make me a better teacher?  At my "Teacher Time" station, I work with 1-2 students at a time on IEP goals.  We do work on IEP goals at a variety of other stations during the day as well, so this station is meant to work on the goals we don't get to as often or that require more time/attention to work on.  Unfortunately, with 12 kids, it is sometimes hard to make sure we get to everything (and don't always work on the same things!).  I do have data sheets and lists of goals at this station to help me with specifics for each child, but I love this visual to help remind me of general goal topics I should be working on each day.    

On the bottom half of this visual, I have the "rules" for this station for my students.  This is a great reference for both me and my students!  I hang this visual on the board with a magnet right next to where I sit.  That way, it is easy to access/see every day. 


  1. good idea, most of my students are in regular classrooms these days,(with support), it makes it more difficult to get time with them to see what needs to be worked on, and how they are doing. When I do see them, I need to focus on those skills that arent' addressed directly in the other parts of their days. thank u for this idea! Paula

  2. I love it!! I tend to focus on one topic when I work with the kids individually, and then realize at some point that I'm forgetting about other things! I like your schedule for making sure that you are covering all the different things you need to do!