Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Work Task Tuesday- Sorting by shape and size

This week, I thought I would show some more complex sorting tasks that I use at my independent workstation.  These one all have to do with sorting by shape and by size.

This task comes to the student completely blank (besides the prompt on top which says "sort by shape").  There are 3 different shapes in the baggy (star, triangle, and oval), but they come in a variety of colors so the students isn't sorting by color (but actually paying attention to the difference in shape).  Click here to get the materials (FREE) to make this task.

Click below to see many other task ideas for sorting by shape/size.

This task is sorting by size.  I have used pictures covered in our first 3 science units (body parts, insects, and dinosaurs) to create big and small pieces for my students to sort.

This task has students sort by size and color (Big Blue Trains, Little Blue Trains, Big Green Trains, Little Green Trains).  Again, students must be able to read the prompts in order to know what is expected of them.

This task is sort by size.  Each section of the worksheet has a written prompt ("small," "medium," and "large") to aid in the sorting.  This time, there are only triangles in the bag, but they are a variety of colors to make sure students are sorting by size instead of another feature (color, shape, etc).

This task is sort by shape.  Only two shapes (circle/square) are represented in this file folder, but you could make other ones as well.

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