Friday, October 26, 2012

Data Collection on Schedule Following

For teachers in autism classrooms, we pretty much all have one thing in common: SCHEDULES!!  Object schedules, picture schedules, word schedules, etc.  For students with autism, schedules are very beneficial (SEE MY POST on Schedules), but learning how to utilize them does not come naturally to all of our students.

One of my students is currently utilizing a velcro, color-coded picture schedule.  He has an IEP goal on learning how to follow this picture schedule independently.  In the picture below, you can see his schedule, the finished envelope he puts pictures into after the activity is completed, as well as a clipboard (with data sheet) posted on the wall right next to the schedule. 

The IEP goal is written as "Given a velcro, color-coded daily schedule posted on the wall, (Student's Name) will follow the schedule in order (from top to bottom) for 8 locations in the classroom and will accomplish 90% of the component skills (pick up picture, go to location, match picture at location, take picture after activity, and put picture in finished envelope) independently. "

Here is a close up of the data sheet for this student as well as a LINK for a FREE COPY of this data sheet.

Each time the student checks their schedule, I mark a + or a P in each box for each corresponding step of the process.  Here is a sample days worth of data.

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