Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Activities

Whew!  Today was one of those days...  After being out all last week on jury duty, my class really let me have it today.  I had one student who had a 2-hour temper tantrum where he kept telling me "I want to have bad behavior" and refused to do anything I asked of him.  Meanwhile, another student let loose blood curdling screams for 30 minutes straight after he was asked to do 3 puzzles (a very normal and easy task for him).  I think the screaming was an attention seeking behavior, but it is SO HARD to get the other 18 students in the room to ignore him!  They did pretty well ignoring (as they tried very hard to stay focused on their work) and eventually the screaming stopped (and my headache set in!).  Luckily, my normal trouble makers turned into perfect little angels today!  Thanks for letting me onto some Halloween activities we are going to be working on this week!  Since all my students LOVE Halloween, maybe these activities will help me get back in their good graces!

I have this one-page print out explanation of Halloween from News-2-You under the "Holidays" Section.  You need a subscription to this site (luckily my school district pays for this).  But, if you have boardmaker or another picture program, you could easily make your own version.

I made two levels of a basic comprehension sheet to go along with the above print-out.  Both are multiple choice.  One has words and the other has pictures (to help students with lower reading comprehension skills).


"What do you want to be for Halloween??"  I hear this question all day!  All my kids have been trying to plan out their Halloween costumes for months already. Unfortunately, some of their ideas aren't always possible (costumes don't exist or parents can't find their sought after costume).  I use this print out to help expand the horizon of ideas for costumes.  Then I have my students fill out a worksheet with their top 3 choices of Halloween costumes (I usually send this home for parents to see as well).

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  1. Its funny how a lot of kids with autism get such very specific ideas for costumes, which may or may not even exist! At my school most of the boys want to be ninjas, but there were a few who came up with some very interesting plans that would probably require parents who are very talented with sewing machines!