Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to Plan for your Halloween Party

I have tried every type of set-up for parties on my classroom (whole group, small group), and most left me leaving work frustrated and vowing I would never have another party again.  Finally, I have found a set-up that works!  It works so well, actually, that we use it for every holiday party we have.  Basically, we split up our kids into small groups and have stations set up around the classroom with different types of activities (art, cooking, games, etc.)  During parties, we combine with another autism classroom.  This allows us to have at least 6 adults running stations (usually some of our therapists help run a station as well).

Set Up:
I fill out this sheet and provide each adult (station) with a copy.

To fill this out, you need to...
-Decide which kids will pair well together and split the kids into groups (we make a couple groups smaller for those kids who need more one-on-one attention).
-Figure out which activities you want your kids to complete at each station.
-Figure out where you want each activity to take place (cooking activities may need to be close to the microwave while messy art projects may need to be at a table close to the door for easier access to the bathroom for hand-washing).
-Figure out which adult you want in charge of each activity.  

Activity Ideas:
Here are some of the activities we did last year...

Spooky Sensory Table:
Using edible materials to make "Blood"  "Boogers"  "Brain"  "Worms"  "Dirt"  "Eye Balls"

Ghost Art Project: Students get their foot painted white.  Then imprint it on a piece of black construction paper.  We usually glue on googly eyes once they dry.

Spider Cookies:  We use oreo cookies and pretzels to make these special cookies.  Then we put M&Ms on for the eyes.

Halloween Bingo:  Using our Halloween Vocabulary Words.

What kind of activities do you do for Halloween???

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  1. Great post on how to plan for parties! I'm always feeling overwhelmed by the end of our class parties, because I haven't found the best set up yet! I will have to try this for our next party. Thank you :)

    Mindful Rambles