Monday, August 15, 2016

What Should You Wear: Adapted Book Spotlight

I have been loving on Adapted books this summer.  Check out this post for some awesome resources for creating and finding pre-made adapted books.  I especially love this adapted book "What Should You Wear" because is targets so many different skills during one activity.  It works on reading (the book uses simple language and repetitive phrases), comprehension (there are pictures to aid in comprehending each page), it is hands-on (there are questions on each page for students to answer), and it targets important self help/independence skills (identifying clothes to wear in a variety of weather conditions/situations).

This book is meant to teach students about which clothes are appropriate to wear under different conditions.  It addresses what clothes are appropriate when its: cloudy and rainy, time for school, time for bed, cold and sunny, hot and sunny, snowy, as well as what to do with clean and dirty clothes.  

Each page is set up similar to these ones, where students get to read and then answer the question by velcroing a star to the correct answer choice.

Use this book:
-For reading with a student one on one
-For reading to a small group of students 
-For students to read during an independent work time 
-To work on science or independent functioning IEP goals related to weather
-With student who are verbal or nonverbal as no answers have to be spoken
-With readers and non-readers since there are visual aids and choices on each page
-With students who are rigid and struggle with changing seasons/clothes.

The best part is, this resource is on sale today only in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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