Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Time for the BEST YEAR EVER Sale on TPT!  I, personally, feel like it is a little early to think about Back To School (I'm enjoying summer too much!), but we might as well take this opportunity to stock up for the upcoming school year!  A little confession time...I may have stayed up until midnight last night, just so I could buy some materials as soon as the sale started...

Just enter BestYear at checkout and you will receive 28% off all of the products in my TPT Store!

And what better way to celebrate a sale, but with posting a new product!  I have been working on these Beginning Reader Center Activities for a long time and I am so excited to finally have it posted on TPT yesterday!  It is over 400 pages and can last you the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR!  Most importantly, it is on sale for 50% off today only!

This product is great for students who have recently mastered letter identification. If they are still working on letters, think about checking out my letter identification worksheets and letter assessments and activities.

Once letters are mastered, our students are ready to begin reading and spelling!  For many students in special ed, typical sight words (I, but, the) are not the place to start. Instead, I like to start with functional words that have more meaning and make reading more motivating and fun for my students. 

This product can be used to work on reading, spelling, or both!. This product can be used with the pre-made word lists, your own word lists, or a combination of both! 

The activities and assessments included are good for beginning writers, although accommodations can easily be made to most activities for non-writers. Students do not need to be verbal to utilize this product.

This product includes:
*30 Weekly word lists for student use as well as a blank list for your own word lists.

*30 Weekly word lists for Parent involvement and blank parent lists.
*4 Parent letters with different ideas for implementation at home (plus a blank version for you to add your own suggestions)

*9 Center Activity Mats and accompanying materials
-Write your words 3x

-Build your words with letter tiles (tiles included)

-Stamp your words

-Word Bingo (using current and mastered words)

-Write your words in rainbow colors

-Type your words

-Match words to pictures blank activity mat (and all words/pictures provided).  This can be used as a cut/paste activity for students to complete or you can laminate/pre-assemble each set.

-Make your words out of play-doh (blank mat as well as pre-made play-doh mats for all 150 words)

-150 Worksheets (one for each word covering color in the word and picture, trace the word, write the word, fill in the missing letters, identify and circle the word)

*Weekly reading/spelling assessment for students
*3 Types of data sheets for progress monitoring throughout the school year
*Flash cards for easy assessment

*Picture labels for all materials
*Schedule templates and visuals for reading center schedule
*Implementation Ideas and Tips including photos of how this product is utilized in my classroom

This is a great product for a station run by paraprofessionals or for students to complete independently.  Let me know your thoughts...if you would like anything added, if you would prefer me to sell any of these activities as separates, etc.   Happy Shopping!

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