Tuesday, August 23, 2016

All About Me...En Español!

One of my fabulous readers/customers made a request for my best selling All About Me product to be translated into Spanish for her Spanish Immersion Kindergarten classroom...and she wasn't the only one made this request.  But the coolest part, was that she made a bonus offer to translate for me!  So, here we are...my All About Me product available in Spanish...appropriately now titled Todo Sobre Mí!  One of my favorite parts (I'm a geek) of creating this was learning how to make all the accents and unique Spanish characters on my Mac (í, ñ, ¿....isn't that cool?!)

This product contains all the same interactive worksheets as my original product...the directions for the product are still in English, but all student material is in Spanish.  Pieces can be laminated and velcroed to the bottom of each page so students can move them up when answering the prompts...this makes them re-usable so students can repeat this activity daily!  I like to bind the pages together to form a book. 

 Three versions of this worksheet are also available with varying visual prompts for learners of differing ability levels.

I think this would make a great activity in any Spanish classroom (immersion or prep provider), as well as great for second language learners or as a homework activity to send home with your bilingual students!  Hope you enjoy...and please email me if there are any other products you would like to see translated for your students!

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