Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day Sale!

Although most of you probably already stocked up for your school year during the big TPT Back to School Sale a few weeks back, I thought I would throw a labor day sale in case you are still missing some necessary items to get your school year started off right.

So, check out my TPT store today and tomorrow for 20% off all my products.  
For those of you who start school this week, good luck!  We started last week and it was definitely a bit rough at times.  I had one new student who had to be carried kicking and screaming into the building the first few days (luckily his dad did the carrying!).  So, throughout the day, we tried to make the classroom really reinforcing with lots of praise and allowing him access to things he enjoyed.  Strangely enough, the item he seemed to prefer the most in the ENTIRE CLASSROOM was my desk chair.  He loved to sit in it and just twist back and forth.  Well, by day 3, he was walking just fine into school on his own and has been full of smiles and happiness the rest of the week.  Phew!  Thank goodness!  This just reminded me that preferred items for our kids can come in strange forms.  And there is no harm in letting kids get to know their environment and make it super reinforcing the first week.  Next week, you can start making them "work" for those reinforcers!

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