Monday, September 2, 2013

Currently September

I can hardly believe it is already September.  I am feeling a mix of emotions...super sad summer is almost over and even more sad winter is one month closer.  However, I do enjoy many things about, boots, scarves, apples, and everything pumpkin!  

Here is this month's currently.  Feel free to join in, by stopping by Farley's blog.  

Listening:  I have been on a bit of a Dexter kick is a great way to keep me entertained while laminating, velcroing, and cutting up a storm!

Loving:  Having to day off is a true blessing.  The last 2 weeks of being back at school have been very draining.  I am super appreciative of this day off to relax and catch up a little!  I also love that this day off will make this school week only 4 days!

Thinking:  Oh man...I am so full.   I made some whole wheat banana pancakes this morning for breakfast and now I can barely move!  

Wanting: More hours in the day to sleep, cook, get things done for work, relax, see friends....just seriously not enough time!  In a couple weeks, things will be back to normal, but the beginning of the school year is so hectic!

Needing: I guess I don't really need any more clothes...but I sure do want them!  I may just need to do a little online shopping while I'm sitting on my couch in this food coma!

Loving myself:  I definitely want to read a book for fun this month.  After being in grad school for 3 years, I really missed reading for pleasure!  Also, I need to go to bed earlier.  I get up around 5:30 to get to school and have been going to sleep around 12...not working out so well for me!  I have been so tired the last week! 

Feel free to check out my Labor Day Sale going on at my TPT store as well.  20% off everything today!

Hope everyone has a fabulous September...and if you haven't started school yet, hope tomorrow is a great first day!  I'll be posting later this week with a tour of my classroom!  Super excited to share it with you all!


  1. Saw your blog through Farley's Currently. I know what you mean about the blessings of a day off after b-2-s, the first few weeks are SO DRAINING. I went in to school yesterday, Friday we had a "social" after school & I left at 4:20pm - that was the first day I've left before 6pm SO FAR!

    I hope things start to settle down for you - enjoy your book! Grad school can be draining, but reading for pleasure & doing stuff for yourself is ESSENITAL too!

    Have a great year!

  2. I was finally able to read some books for fun this past summer. It usually stops during the school year because of time, but I definitely do need to try to continue to find some time to read for enjoyment!