Monday, September 23, 2013

Before...and After!

This is what I walked into a month ago.  Not to mention, I had to scrape gum and name tags off of our "new desks."  Since our school was under construction this summer, there was much more packing/unpacking that had to be done.  

Here are my assistants putting up contact paper to cover my ugly green chalkboard.  We are going to use this area for displaying out classroom data...eventually!  You can see my cute new alphabet set above the board!  My kids actually complimented me on this on the first day ("I like what you've done with the place." haha).  These letters and my numbers are available on TPT here.

And, here is the finished product!  All papered and bordered up!  It was difficult papering around the white board in the middle!  Thank goodness for my assistants, because I stink at doing stuff like this!!

Here you can see my new numbers all taped up above my new whiteboard!!  This is the board we use for our morning group.

Here is what our morning group board looked like when it was finished!  Most of these morning group visuals are available on TPT here.

And this is what my desk set-up looks like by my morning group area.  The binders have my students' schedules as well as their morning work inside them.

Well, that is the main part of the classroom makeover!  

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