Thursday, July 18, 2013

Differentiated Dice Worksheets

I am super into dice worksheets this summer.  It is such an easy way to work on math skills, while making the kids think we are playing games!  You can adapt them easily to a variety of levels as well.  Depending on the student's level, I use them to work on number recognition, counting, and addition.  
Let's start with the most basic version.  The student rolls 1 die with numbers 1-6 on it.  The student colors the corresponding circle to the number he rolls.  One of my students is also working on identifying colors.  For him, after rolling one die, I had him identify the number and find it on the worksheet (only numbers 1-6 are included on this sheet).  Then I told him "color it red" (or blue/green).  He then chose the correct marker to color the number.  

For the next version, the student rolls 2 traditional dice with dots on them.  The student counts up the total dots and colors the corresponding circle.

A slightly harder version than this, is a student rolling 2 dice with numbers (instead of dots) on them.  Then, the student adds the numbers together.  This can help students get faster and more fluent at their math facts.

Next up, you can have students roll 2 dice (either with dots or numbers) to fill in the parts of addition problems.

 The last version I have gotten to with my students is subtraction.  They are similar to the above worksheet, just involve subtraction problems instead.  

All of these worksheets are available for July and August on my TPT Store (click here for direct link).  

On one last I was working on these worksheets with my kids, I noticed that several of them didn't know how to roll dice(!!!).  So, we targeted this skill as well, since it will be helpful in many games/activities that occur during school (and at home).  For this guy, I had him put his hands together.....shake.....then open them, in order to drop the dice on the table without them flying everywhere!

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