Monday, May 13, 2013

Sorting by Seasons on TPT

After a recent post on a sorting task I was created, several people requested I put it up on TPT.  So, now that I am done with graduate school and have a little extra time on my hands, I was finally able to do so!  This product (find it on TPT by clicking here) consists of 2 sorting tasks.  The first sorting task is sorting by season.  For each of the 4 seasons, there are 10 pictures to sort (for a total of 40 pictures).  The pictures consist of seasonal activities, weather pictures, and holiday pictures.

The second sorting task is sorting flowers by size and color.  There are 32 pictures to be sorted into 4 categories (big yellow flowers, little yellow flowers, big red flowers, little red flowers).  

For both of these tasks, you can laminate the full sheets of paper as is, or glue them into a file-folder and laminate that.  All you have to do is laminate and add a little velcro and you are ready to go!  Not only that, but these file-folder sorting tasks are then re-usable, so you can use them multiple times with the same or different students.  

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