Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Craft

Mother's day is a week away!  I found this cute idea on Pinterest, but unfortunately, the cutting skills in my classroom are not quite good enough to cut out that many handprints (that is a lot of little curves...pretty sure my little friends would cut off all the fingers as they tried to cut on the lines!).  So, instead we made our flowers using stencils to create all the pieces.

I have not used stencils in awhile...and they were awesome!  Not only did it save me a lot of time (I usually make a lot of pieces for our crafts and then just have the kids put them together), but the kids really liked using them! Here is one of my students making his petals with a stencil.

Most of my students were able to glue the petals around the center of their flower on their own by looking a finished model.  However, a few of my students are not able to do this.  So, for these guys (some of whom tend to go a bit glue crazy1), I put a little dot (with marker) where the glue should go.  They did great at putting glue only on the dots.  

Then, I handed them the petals, and they put one on each dot of glue.  I think this is awesome...because he did almost the whole project himself (except the cutting!) 

 For my other guys, we brainstormed "things about our mom" on the whiteboard.  Then, the kids got to pick the ones they wanted and write one on each flower petal.  Here's to hoping their mom's love them!


  1. Do you use a certain reading workbook/curriculum for higher functioning autistic students to work on Reading Comprehension and also vocabulary? I have a 4th grade student that I have been using Reading A-Z booklets at about the 2nd-3rd grade level. Am looking for something different for her. It is a para that does her reading, as she is one-on-one, so am looking for something that a para can do/teach.

    1. I don't actually have a specific curriculum. I just plan for a few months at a time on a variety of topics my students need to work on (vocabulary, fluent reading, comprehension, grammar, etc.). Then, I borrow books from the reading specialist in my school and create simple lessons around the books. I had tried out a few reading curriculums, but just didn't really like any of them enough. If you find something good, please keep me posted!