Saturday, May 11, 2013

Draw a Picture

I recently added a new product to my store to work on following directions and reading comprehension.  The whole packet comes with 20 total worksheets, and is made up of 3 different levels.  You can purchase them at my TPT (click here to go directly to this product).

The first level of worksheets is reading color words and appropriately coloring pictures (see example below).

The mid-level worksheets consist of reading a sentence and coloring the picture appropriately to match the sentence.

The highest level worksheets consist of reading a sentence and then drawing (as well as coloring) a picture to match the sentence.

My kids loved this activity when we did it a few weeks ago...especially because a lot of the highest level worksheets were made up of silly things.  See some of their creations below!

I have used these as HW, during journal time, direct instruction, and during independent work time.  These could also be great worksheets for a student to complete while working with a paraprofessional.  


  1. Hailey, you have soooo many good ideas. Keep them coming!

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  2. Hailey, do you use board maker to create worksheets for your students?

  3. Great idea! reading comprehension is so important and this is a creative way to get the kids thinking and they are having fun too. So I am thinking about trying my hand at TPT and am wondering where you get your pictures for these type of activities? Do you draw them yourself? or are there pictures that are not copyrighted and can be put on something I sell? thank you, Paula

    1. I use board maker (from Mayer-Johnson), however they have rules when making items to sell (you can only use less than 50 pictures per product you sell and they need credit on every page). Some of my worksheets utilize clipart from other people as well. You just follow their terms of use to ensure you are giving them appropriate credit for the images. Does that make sense?