Monday, February 4, 2013

Writing Sentences Product

Well off we go...another week begins...I was hoping the weekend would never end!!  Today, I wanted to share an overview of one of my newest products....Sentence Writing Worksheets.  It includes a total of 11 worksheets.  In my classroom, I use these at literacy stations, independent work stations, and as homework.

The product has 6 worksheets where students take the mixed up words and create a sentence about the picture.  These are great for encouraging independence, since all of the words are already there (so no spelling help is needed)!  These are also nice because they have large hand-writing lines to work on writing "nice and neat" (as we say in my classroom).

For students who struggle to write, I included pieces that could be cut our and pasted in the correct order.  Or, to make the worksheets re-usable, you could laminate the worksheet and the pieces.  Then use velcro for students to velcro the words in the correct order.

 These are the piece created for students who struggle with writing.

There are also 3 versions of this worksheet.  Students take the mixed up words and re-write the sentence correctly.

 On this worksheet, students fill in the first sentence, "I like to ____," with one of the words at the bottom of the page.  Then they are responsible for writing 8 similar sentences on their own by using the model at the top and the words at the bottom.  The students have pictures as well to aid them in comprehending what they are writing.

The last worksheet included in this packet is this one.  Students choose a word from each box to create a sentence in the spaces below.  The little boxes for each word help students keep their writing neat and work on hand-writing at the same time.

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