Saturday, February 2, 2013

Table Scatter for Sorting

I don't think I even knew what "table scatter" was until this year!  And now, of course, it is my new obsession!  I have found most of my "scatter" at target (in the dollar section) or at the dollar tree!  I love using it for a longer sorting tasks (although I also use them as math manipulatives).  So many of my students are so quick at completing all their work....a great skill!  But, sometimes these same students struggle when they are given longer tasks.  Since, in the real world, sometimes you need to work on one task for more than a few minutes at a time, I think these are good to help kids work on expanding their "work endurance."  I try and change up the materials and keep them somewhat seasonal as well (since my kids love holidays so much!).

Here is our current sorting task before it has been completed.  I got the large container at the dollar tree.  Inside I store all the scatter to be sorted as well as 3 small white sorting containers (also from the dollar tree).  

We are currently sorting leaves (I know fall is over, but haven't found snowflake scatter yet!), hearts (for Valentine's Day), and green blobs (for St. Patty's Day)....haha.  Obviously, I still have some work to do on my scatter collection!

Here is the same task set up to be used in the fall with a Halloween theme.  Sorting bats, ghosts, and spiders.  And yes, my student is clutching a long straw in the picture.  He clutches this all day long and won't go anywhere without it.  At least he isn't picky about the straws, and straws are pretty easy to find most places you go!

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  1. When do you have students do this type of task? Is this independent work?

    I have the same problem with sorting...sometimes not enough to sort so we are done very quickly. Of course I have one student who needs to be prompted after almost every piece he sorts to keep sorting, so too many pieces in his box can be overwhelming!

  2. Love this! I'll have to check out the target dollar section! I also love the kid holding the straw. One of my favorite kiddos ALWAYS had to have a straw in his hand. When we went to prom and had pictures taken, he is all handsome in his tux, his date all beautiful in her dress, and he has a LONG straw flipping in his left hand! :)
    I may be off to target and dollar store now that I've seen your cool task boxes.

    1. I love it! Don't you wonder what can be so fascinating about the straws?? haha.