Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Comprehension Sheets

When planning out our reading groups for this month, we decided we wanted to read some Valentine's Day themed stories.  Instead of getting off my lazy butt to go to the library, I searched the internet for some!  I really wanted some shorter stories with comprehension questions (since my kids struggle A LOT of with comprehension!).  I found some great ones on ABC Teach (click here to go directly to the reading comprehension worksheets).  The best part is, they have a variety of levels and a few are FREE!  

In this short story, I had the kids go back and find the answers directly in the text and circle them.  

I also had them re-create the valentine described from the story in their notebooks.  This was definitely difficult for most of the kids....and required a lot of adult support.  However, I think with practice, they would definitely get better!  It involved the use of prepositions as well (which we have been working on!) so I loved that.  In the story, it says "She writes 'Happy Valentine's Day' above the heart."  I feel like I should make some more examples like this for following directions!  At least if it is related to a holiday, my kids will find it more fun! 

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