Wednesday, January 2, 2013

File Folder Heaven

Well, it's officially my last day of winter break...what a bummer!  At least I still have a little time before grad school starts up again!  I really wanted to share this resource today...File Folder Heaven.  They have some printables available for purchase, but they also have a section of FREEBIES.  And, let's face it...who doesn't like a good FREEBIE? (Click here to get to the FREEBIE section of the website).  I am pretty sure I have downloaded all of their available Freebies....haha.  My favorites are the file folders (they are great for work station tasks) and adapted books (great for beginning readers at a quiet reading station).  

Here is a screen shot of a FREE file folder for sorting Farm animals vs. Zoo animals.  You just glue the two pages on each side of a file folder.  Then, laminate the whole folder and put pieces of hard velcro in the blank spaces of the pages below.

These are the pieces that the student uses to sort onto the farm or zoo animal pages above.  I usually laminate these pieces and put velcro on the back of them so they can be sorted onto the pages above.

Here is an example of an adapted book from File Folder Heaven that I am currently using in my classroom.  I have it at a Quiet Reading station for some of my beginning readers.  Students have to match the picture and underlined word on each page.   


  1. Hi Hailey--Just ran into your post about File Folder Heaven. ;) It's true that there is a designated freebies section, but I also post a new freebie to Facebook every week. Hope you find them helpful! ;) Natalie

    1. This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing that with me!! I just "liked" you on Facebook...looking forward to reading more of your blog as well!