Thursday, January 10, 2013

Community Trip of the Month: Subway!

This month, we are headed to Subway for our community trip.  I like this trip, because ordering becomes a little more complex.  Unlike McDonald's where the kids just order a Happy Meal, at Subway, they really need to specify a lot of details in their ordering.  It is great trip for working on "yes" and "no" questions as well.  

My coworker and I developed this little book to help our students prepare for all the options that awaited them at Subway.  We practice pretty much every day this week in preparation!  

Choose your bread.

Choose your meat.  Meatball is definitely the favorite! 

                                              Choose cheese or no cheese.

Choose your veggies.

Choose your condiments.

Choose if you want chips and/or a drink.

A couple of our kids wanted to skip the sandwich and only ordered a soda and chips, while others had very detailed orders ready to go.  The staff was super patient with us as well and let each kid take their time to order independently!  We also have negotiated a nice little deal at our Subway, where the manager gives us "buy one, get one free" for our sandwiches (every little bit helps!).  Today's trip was a great success... having weather in the 40s in January helps out a lot as well (especially since we are taking public transportation!).

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  1. Do you take all of your students at once? Since you do public transportation, do you also work on bus etiquette/rules, how to pay,street safety,etc? Do the students pay for their own meals? Just wondering how you handle this as I start to think about the trips I want to do in the fall. These little books are an awesome tool as I start to look at our community and where we can go. Thanks a bunch!!