Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Party

Today's party was a great success!  Well, we did have one kid with pink eye who was exiled to sit at his own desk all day....but last year I had a kid projectile things are looking up!   Yesterday was our final grocery shopping trip where we bought all the rest of our ingredients.

Today, we had a normal morning and then around 10:30 began cooking our feast: We used a hot plate/microwave to cook mashed potatoes and stuffing.  

We also had a station make two no-bake pumpkin pies. It doesn't look that appetizing, but most of the kids love it!

 And lastly, we had all of our canned foods.  We jazzed up some green beans with those crunchy onions and our sweet potatoes with some marshmallows.  And, we had some kiddos slice up the cranberries.  Right before we got ready to eat, we heated up some sliced deli turkey (from our grocery trip yesterday) and gravy.

Then we set it all up buffet style and had kids practice requesting for food items.  We also had the adults ask kids "Do you want mashed potatoes?" and had the kids practice responding politely by saying  "yes please" or "no thank you."  

After our party, we all went down to the auditorium and watched a movie on the big screen (the perfect thing to do after a big Thanksgiving feast!)  It is actually very interesting to see which kids could sit appropriately during the movie and which ones struggled.  Even going to the movies can be hard work for some of our kids!

I'm kind of annoyed at myself, because I had this great comprehension worksheet ready to use with my kids after the party, but I totally spaced at the end of the day and forgot to have them do it...well, there's always next year!

Hope you all had a great day...and hope you enjoy your long Thanksgiving weekend!

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