Saturday, November 17, 2012

Inclusion Data

Obviously, in our field data is super important for a variety of show academic/behavioral growth, make changes to our teaching methods/interventions, and figure out functions of behavior.  Another important reason for data is to promote independence in inclusion classes! 

My students all go to inclusion classes for Music, Gym, and Library with their same grade level peers.  My assistants accompany them while I stay back with the rest of the students.  I don't have my assistants take any detailed data on students during inclusion (unless it is a specific behavior we are working on).  Mostly, I just want them to jot down a brief note on the students' level of independence.  

Taking data on level of independence is actually required by my district to show that assistants are being utilized (the last thing I need is someone trying to take away one of my assistants as my classroom size continues to grow!)  and that prompts are being faded (and independence promoted).   I also think taking data on this helps remind my assistants not to over prompt my students while in the gen. ed classrooms.  By keeping track of how many times they need to help students (when our goal is complete independence), I am hoping my assistants will refrain from jumping in to prompt my students every time they need a little assistance. 

 I have created this data sheet so it is as easy as possible to use.  The only thing my assistants need to do is write the date and circle the level of prompts (I already filled in their initials, grade, class, and options for prompting levels).  I store it on a clipboard (velcroed to the wall right by the door) so it is easy for assistants to grab on their way to inclusion classes.  

I also included a key for levels of prompting at the bottom so assistants have some guidance in which prompt level to circle.

Here is the whole data sheet...this whole sheet lasts us a week.

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  1. I found this post from another post of yours and I'm so glad I did. I love reading about how others keep track and manage data. Thanks for sharing :)

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