Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Since it is ELECTION DAY, I figured, why not throw a sale.  Well, I guess election day has nothing to do with it, I just realized I haven't had a sale since back to school, so it is about that time!  My entire Teachers Pay Teachers Store will be on sale starting today, November 6 and lasting until Thursday, November 8th.  

All my materials are specially designed for kids with autism, but can be used with other populations as well. My number one seller is Social Stories for Good Behavior in Different School Environments.

 My next best sellers are these great adapted books that incorporate reading as well as comprehension testing.

This adapted book (What Should You Wear?) is about appropriate clothes for different types of weather.

This Interactive Animal Habitat Book goes through a variety of animals and asks about the appropriate habitat.

I also have a variety of other materials that target academic skills (science, math, reading, spelling) as well as functional skills (learning emotions, communication skills, and cooking). Hope you find something useful!

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