Friday, April 4, 2014

"When" Activities

We finally made it to "When" Questions.  These were a little harder than some of the other question types, because there are so many different types of answers (time, day, month, holiday, season, and more).

Again, we reviewed our other questions types and brainstormed answers to each one on the board.

We wrote sentences including an element from each question.  I love this activity, because my kids are developing the ability to write more detailed sentences.

We used my new picture cards and practiced discriminating between all the question types we have covered so far (who, what, where, and when).

We also used these FREE When Question Cards from Jessica Garcia!

I also used these "When" Games from Kathy Grover.  This game includes 2 super cute game boards and 2 types of when question cards.

We also, of course, took a Question Test covering the different question types we have worked on.  The first part (highlighting) we did together as an activity since it is a little too hard for my guys to alone.  The next part was just answering basic wh questions. 

These questions required the kids to get the answer from the sentence provided.  During this unit, my kids struggled more with these types of questions (which I was surprised with since they seem more concrete).  But they definitely got better at it with practice!

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