Thursday, April 3, 2014

Q-Tip Painting Templates

I am really struggling lately.  I am so tired of the cold and so ready for Spring Break!  Unfortunately, Spring Break isn't for another TWO WEEKS!  Ugh.  I may or may not have just booked myself a trip to Dallas for the Final Four this weekend because I need to get out of the cold so bad!  (oops!). 

On that same note, I have been re-doing a bunch of things in my classroom (which I am excited to share with you guys soon!).  In the meantime, I have been exhausted and looking for some quick, easy tasks to set up to keep my kids busy (they are also anxious to get out of school!).

We have tried some q-tip painting in the past, but my kids have always struggled because they want to use the q-tip as a paint brush instead of just dotting the page with it.  Then, when I was on Pinterest, I found these great q-tip templates from Therapy Fun Zone (click here to get them for yourself!).  

 This activity is great for working on fine motor skills for my beginning writers.  I also liked having my kids request colors during the activity.  Since we didn't have some colors the kids wanted, we did some paint mixing to make our own!

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  1. Super cute idea. Looking for more simple craft ideas for the art center. Something that don't require much prep work or supervision.