Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Making Snow Inside (FREEBIE!)

This is a perfect thing to post about as I sit at home on my second "cold day" this week.  Last week, we made "snow" inside our classroom.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and it seemed SO easy.  Just mix together cornstarch and shaving cream and you can make this amazing looking snow man (picture from Modern Parents Messy Kids).

Well, ours didn't turn out quite as perfect.  We played around a lot with the ingredients to figure out the right proportions.  When we thought we got it just right, we tried to make it again….only that time it didn't turn out at all.  Here is our cute little snowman from the first batch we made.  

So, with that said, I am giving you this visual recipe for Free…however, just play around with the proportions of cornstarch and shaving cream until you get the right consistency to make a snowball.  

Also included in the Freebie are the pictures you would need to make a communication board so your nonverbal kids can request materials throughout the activity.

Or, you can do what my kids did, which is have a blast playing in the "snow" regardless of the right consistency.  I think I was the only disappointed one in the room (because I had my heart set on that perfect little Pinterest photo).  I even had some students in the gen ed (5th graders) beyond excited to make and play in the "snow."

Here is a "pizza" one of my students made!

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  1. Don't you hate how pinterest projects sometimes are not as easy as they look! I have definitely had a few of those! It looks like the kids had fun though and that's all that matters. :) Thanks for the freebie.
    Fun in ECSE