Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Differentiated Stamping Activity

When I found this resource on TPT for Free last month, I had no idea how many skills it could address for my students!  I have students working on matching letters, naming letters, and spelling/reading basic words.  So, this same activity could be used for 9 of my students to address these varying goals!

Also, this activity was hands-on and more interactive than a regular worksheet, so my kids enjoyed the change in pace.  Even for those kids who don't like to get messy, this activity was safe.  They just had to touch the stamp…not get their hands/fingers dirty in paint or something like that.

Most of my students had to scan the whole set of stamps for the letter they wanted, but I do have a few learners where that is a little overwhelming.  For these students, I took out the letters for the word and set them on the table in front of them.

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