Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Themed "More and Less"

This week in my mid-level math group, we are going over the concepts of more and less.  I found this FREE activity on TPT from Andrea Wells (check it out here!)  I actually ended up using this with my low-level math group too to work on basic counting.  A lot of my kids in this group also receive occupational therapy to work on fine motor skills like cutting and writing.  So, we started this activity by having the kids cut out all the pieces.  

Then we sorted them into separate baggies.  I love that the items being used in this are all fall/Halloween themed, so they are a great way to review our seasonal vocabulary words as well!

Next, the kids rolled 2 dice to figure out how many of each item they would get.  They glued them onto the pages and wrote what they had on each page (i.e. "5 leafs" and "4 pumpkins").  Then, they determined which quantity was "more" and which quantity was "less" and they glued those words onto the appropriate pages.

This guy rolled 2s for both, so he glued on the word "same" to both pages.

With my lower group, we just worked on counting.  For this group, we didn't use the dice.  Instead, I just told the kids to "take 4 bats."  Then they had to count them out, and glue them onto a page.  Then, for my writers, I had them copy "4 bats" from the board into their book.

I loved that this activity worked on so many different skills at one time without being overly complicated: cutting, writing, counting, following directions, more/less/same.  Also, it was very little prep for me....I just photo printed out the packet and cut up some paper to make the pages of the books. 

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