Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Two Back-to-School Essentials

Wow!  I'm sorry I've been MIA for the last few weeks!  Prepping to go back to school has really taken a lot out of me!  Over the summer, my school underwent A LOT of construction and that left EVEN MORE dust and dirt all over my classroom.  I spent the first few days with assistants just cleaning everything in sight!  It's hard to complain, since my classroom now has nice new painted walls and ceiling and we even got air conditioning in our classroom!  

Like most teachers, I use a ton of tape in my classroom for labels, keeping things on the wall, etc.  And, when all of that tape is removed after a year or years of being in the same place, they leave that horrible gross sticky, dirty glue residue.  This stuff is so hard to get off!  Until, I was introduced by one of my assistants to Goo Gone and these fabulous mini razors from the dollar store! 

Here is a "before" picture of one of my shelves.  I had taped labels for my supplies on each shelf...and this is what was left after I removed the tape/label.
I just sprayed a little Goo Gone on, waited a few minutes, then used my razor to scrape off all the grossness.  Here is the "after" picture.

I also had one of my assistants use this combo on all the desks we got this year.  We got a set of matching desks from another classroom in the school.  However, they were all gunked up from name labels on the desks and gum underneath (can you say gross!).  So my assistant used goo-gone and the razor to make these desks look like new again!

Another thing I use my razor for is making laminated folders.  Once a folder or envelope is laminated, I simply glide the razor along the pocket edge and it opens up.  This makes everything in the class a bit more durable and takes only a few seconds!

Here is the finished a product.  I am using these specific envelopes for my students to put their schedule pictures in once they finish each activity.  

Next week, I will be doing a full tour of my classroom!  We just finished our first week of school.  My kids have been fabulous and most of my stations are up and running, although none are completely finished yet!  I have a lot of work ahead of me this long weekend!  And speaking of long weekends....check back tomorrow for some news on a labor day sale!


  1. Goo Gone is essential, however I discovered this weekend that cooking oil works just as well. I found myself without goo gone while cutting velcro and needed to clean my scissors. My mother in-law suggested using cooking oil. IT WORKED!! Saved a lot of time.

    Challenges Make Life Interesting

    1. I'm cutting Velcro right now! May need to try out the cooking oil since my goo gone is still at school!

  2. Are your student schedules all in area, I would like to see where they are. I read your post on schedules but did not see where they were. I have 7 students on a picture schedule and so far they have been in their desks but really don't want that next year.

    1. 12/13 of my students have their schedules in a binder. These binders are stored on their desks (for 9 students) and on a bookshelf (for 3 students). My 13th student has a color-coded velcro schedule on the wall. We only use our desks for morning group and waiting during transitions out of the room, so for us, storing the schedules on our desks works well.