Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back To School Supplies

This week I am finally on summer break!  I will be enjoying some quality family time, cabin time, and friend time....and maybe even a little back to school shopping?!  So, my blogging may be a little less frequent so as to have a little me-time before it is back to work next Monday!!  

Speaking of back to school...today's post is about supply lists and tomorrow's post will be about beginning of the year forms!

I send home a massive packet the first day of school that has many papers that need to be signed/filled out.  I figure it is good to get them all out the first day and try and have them back within a week.  I usually hold off on sending home any other papers until my initial packet is returned.  Check back in tomorrow for more details on these other forms.

On my cover page/welcome letter, I include a summary of all the materials included in the packet as well as the supply list.  You may notice that I ask for $25 for field trips.  We usually ask for this money 3 times a year for community trips.  It is nice to break it up so no family has to give $75 up front.  

Here is a close-up of my supply list for students to bring in.  I actually sent this home in June so the parents could shop around for the best deals over the summer.  However, my new students have not received it and it is nice to send home another copy as a reminder.

I tend to focus on supplies to help keep the classroom healthy (things like Kleenex, Paper Towel, Clorox wipes, 409 disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, etc.)  I remind parents that these supplies help keep us all healthy.  I think this is important because, who wants a sick kid?  (Or even worse...a sick teacher?).

I also like ziploc bags of a variety of sizes because I go through SO MANY when making work tasks, file folders, binders, etc.).  They also come in handy for snacks, crafts, etc.

I ask for some basic school supplies that we go through the fastest (folders, glue, markers, pencils, etc.).

Another thing I often ask for is plastic silverware, plastic cups, and paper plates.  We have birthday parties every month as well as do a variety of cooking activities throughout the year, so these come in handy all the time!

I would say about 75% of my kids bring in some supplies on the list.  The other 25% don't bring any or they bring all of the supplies.  I am not too picky about this considering many of my students come from low-income families.  I do send home several reminders and am fine with making arrangements to wait until a later time.

What kinds of things do you ask for on your supply list? 

Don't forget to check back in tomorrow for ideas on back to school forms/notes to send home the first week of school.  Also, don't forget to like Autism Tank on Facebook for Freebies only promoted to fans!

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