Thursday, July 5, 2018

Expected vs. Unexpected: Behaviors in School Adapted Book

If you are a long time follower of my blog, you probably know already that I am a huge fan of adapted books (see additional links at the bottom of the page for more blog posts on this topic).
They just seem to be one of the best ways I have found to engage students in literacy and aid in their comprehension of the text. In addition, I find them helpful for teaching social skills for those students that a typical "social story" doesn't quite work for.  I like them because they allow for additional opportunities to practice identifying a skill.

Many of the students I work with engage in a variety of challenging behaviors (as I'm sure some of you can relate to).  Before we can expect students to engage in appropriate behavior in school, we have to teach them how to differentiate between what behaviors are "expected" vs. "unexpected."  This can be a perfect target as an IEP goal/objective for students as well.

One of my most recent products is an adapted book (available here on TPT) that gives students a variety of scenarios to practice identifying "expected" vs. "unexpected" behaviors at school.

The book defines "expected" and "unexpected" behaviors and includes 24 scenarios to practice with. As students read the book. they can indicate whether or not the scenario describes an "expected" or "unexpected" behavior by attaching the corresponding picture with velcro.

I also included a blank page in case you have specific behaviors you want to target with your student...use a real life photo so your student can see themselves engaging in the behavior the "expected" and "unexpected" way.

An "expected" behavior visual is also included to be posted in your classroom for reference on daily basis to help students begin to generalize the skills they read about in the book.

Lastly, if you have a student who is working on differentiating between expected and unexpected behaviors as an IEP goal, I have included data sheets for you to utilize to track student progress.

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