Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Simple Trick for Adapted Books

Running low on laminating sheets?  Don't have a book binder?  Check out this simple (and cheap) way to make an adapted book.  All you need are top-loading sheets and binder clips!

Simply, put your pages into the top-loading sheets and clip pages together using binder clips.

To save top-loading sheets, I usually put 2 pages into each one, so they are back to back.  The pages turn super nicely with this method as well.

 I have also done this for books that have the same format as one another.  That way, you can even take out the sheets of paper and replace them with the next book!  This weather book is a part of my Weather Science Unit on TPT.

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  1. I have made many of these and put in 3 ring binders that I get at the local thrift store for 0.25 each.