Friday, March 21, 2014

Simple 2-Part Following Direction Activity

At the beginning of this school year, about 1/2 my class didn't know their alphabet!  Now, some of these students have it down solid, but all have made significant progress!  So exciting!!  

The other day during one of my large group stations, I was all alone (my co-teacher was in a meeting) with a difficult group of 7 students.  I was struggling to think of an activity I could do by myself…but then came up with having the kids follow 2-part directions.  

I drew a basic table on each piece of paper and handed them out.  I told the kids "Write a Red A" or a "Yellow W."  =  They did GREAT!!  Many of these students have lower receptive language skills, so this was a great activity to have the kids work on following auditory directions.  I was also super impressed, because there is no way at the beginning of the year, this group of students would have had the knowledge or behavioral skills to complete this activity.  I love seeing how much my kids have changed by this point in the school year!  

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