Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Product: Writing Fluency Timings

Do you have students who struggle to write or generate ideas when given a topic?  Students who are slow writers or dislike writing?   Looking for a warm up activity to last you the entire school year? Then this is the perfect product for you!

This writing fluency activity allows students to work on writing in a fun and competitive way.  I like to use it as a warm up activity at the beginning of my literacy groups.  Once your students get the hang of the routine, this activity takes 5-10 minutes and is a great, structured way to keep kids busy with independent work while you set up/gather your materials for that day's lesson.

Benefits for your students
Students who practice fluent writing activities will increase their ability to:
1) Think of items more quickly that are related to a topic
2) Write lists of items quickly

When students can come up with multiple items related to a topic quickly, it can also increase their:
1) Vocabulary
2) Conversation skills
3) Writing skills

Product In Action
Here is what this product looked like all set up in my classroom.  To read more about this activity and see pictures of how I utilized it in my classroom, check out this blog post.

This activity can be utilized:
*In small groups 
*In stations run by paraprofessionals
*In Independent student stations
*As a daily warm-up activity for students to engage in while the teacher gets set up

Product Preview
This product includes:
*128 Writing Fluency Prompts (including blanks for you to create your own topics)

*Fluency Writing notebook page (that you can store in a folder or binder)

*Visual Directions to aid students in understanding the activity

*Teacher and Student data sheets
*Implementation Ideas and Directions for Set-Up

Check this product out in my TPT store and purchase today for a 20% off discount!

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