Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Product: Fall Unit

Back to school means times for new products!  This week I am going to share my 2 newest products with you!  The first unit is perfect for back to school as it is a unit all about Fall!  It has a similar format to my "Summer Unit" and covers 15 vocabulary words related to fall (look for a winter and spring unit in the same format coming soon!)

Included are:
-Vocabulary Overview Page
-Vocabulary Assessments for words or pictures (receptive or expressive identification) to be used as pre/post tests.
-Flash cards (words)
-Flash cards (pictures)
-23 Worksheets
-1 Adapted Book
-I Have, Who Has? Card Game

Here is a brief overview....lots of pictures.

Vocabulary Overview Page:

Flash Cards:  I use these to practice naming pictures or reading words in a traditional flashcard manner, but I have also used these to do matching activities such as matching words to pictures and playing memory.

23 Worksheets:
These include 8 pages of writing worksheets (dotted lines and boxes for each letter)

4 pages of Counting Worksheets

2 pages of Matching words to pictures

9 Pages of Following Directions, Sorting, Cut/Paste Activities

I love this adapted book! Kids velcro pictures to make a simple descriptive sentence (i.e. "I see 9 yellow leaves.")

I Have, Who Has? is an awesome game to work on turn taking, listening to each other, vocabulary building, and reading skills!  I love it...and love watching my kids get more and more independent at playing each time we use it!

Check back in later this week for my newest resource that targets fluency and writing skills!

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