Sunday, April 14, 2013

Make Your Worksheets Re-Usable

Well, April is all about Earth Day and why not carry that over to our classrooms.  I don't know about you, but I go through A LOT of paper in my day to day life as a teacher.  In the land of being earth conscious, this is probably not the best thing to do.  Not only that, but also making so many photo copies is time consuming and annoying (our machines jam constantly!).   And, my school only gives us 1-ream of paper per, over the past couple years, I have begun to laminate more of my worksheets.  I have students use dry-erase or overhead markers that can be wiped/washed off easily.  Then, the worksheets are ready to be used again!

These worksheets (from a workbook...I didn't make them) I turned into a little flip-book.  I didn't have a book binder at the time, so just punched holes and used metal binder clips.  This little book has several dot-to-dot worksheets where students complete the puzzle and circle the picture of what they drew.

This booklet is made up of several counting worksheets.  
However, it is also important for my students to have some opportunities for new worksheets.  The last thing I want is for them to memorize all the re-usable worksheets I have!  So, I will continue to make photo copies, but am hoping to sprinkle in some more re-usable worksheets as well to do my part for mother earth!

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  1. I love the idea for the dot-to-dot pages. I always see these types of pages and I'm never quite sure how to use them. What a great idea! Thanks! :)