Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bilingual Flashcard Cheat Sheet!

In my school, we have a lot of Spanish speaking students.  Many of my students with autism come from homes where Spanish is the only language spoken.  Since my students struggle so much with language processing in general due to having autism, I never want them to be "punished" for responding in Spanish.  For most of my bilingual students, answers in any language are counted as correct.  I can understand a decent amount of spanish and am lucky enough to have a Spanish speaking aid in my classroom to help me translate as well.  However, my assistant who helps run my fluency station, does not speak Spanish.  

At my fluency station, my students work on a variety of flash card sets to increase their accuracy and speed.  Click here to read more about the details of this station.  For many of my students, acquiring vocabulary and being able to label common items is a skill we are working on at this station.  For my bilingual students, we count answers in both languages as correct (unless we are specifically targeting english vocabulary).  For my assistant who does not speak spanish, I created a cheat sheet of translations for her to use while working on flashcards.  It has been super helpful to ensure that my assistant does not count spanish answers as incorrect...and she loves it because she feels like she is learning a new language as well!

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  1. great idea! I don't have bilingual speakers, but I do have lots of language and auditory comprehension delays! Paula