Thursday, August 16, 2018

Classroom Set-Up: Data Collection

It's that time of year...back to school shopping, classroom set-up, and prepping for the new school year ahead.  Are you a new teacher looking for some materials to set up your brand new classroom? Or a veteran teacher looking to revamp classroom visuals or up your data game?  I want to take a chance over the next couple weeks to share some tips and ideas for setting up your classroom this coming year.

I recently put together a product based on all the resources I created and implemented in my classroom so that others can use the ideas that worked so well for me, without the work of having to create it on their own....  over 150 pages of class-room set up materials included in the Complete Autism Classroom Set-Up!  I have used this baby in my district with tons of teachers already this past year...and it has been a big hit.  Today, let's talk about one aspect of this product, Data Collection:

You get your classroom furniture set up, schedules figured out, visuals posted, and start teaching...but how do you figure out if your kids are making progress? How do you monitor IEP goals? How do you track behavior? collaboration with other team members? parent communication?  Our jobs as special ed teachers are never over...these data sheets are here to help save you some major time and energy in the data department.  Many of the data sheets included in this product are editable so you can customize to your students/classroom needs.

8 Behavior Data Sheets are included (Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence charts, Frequency, Interval, Duration,  and Preference Assessments)
Here's a blog post on preference assessments and data collection
Blog post on using ABC data to help discover function of behavior

10 Academic Data Sheets are included to help you keep track on student progress on goals as well as quick/easy logs to keep track of your collaboration with other members of your students' IEP teams (IEP data, discrete trial, flashcard data, independent work data, reading level, collaboration log, parent communication log)
Here's a blog post on how I take data at my fluency/flashcard station.
Blog post on Reading Data
Blog post on collaboration/communication logs
Blog post on my teacher time station and data collection on IEP goals

7 Organizational Tools are included to help keep track of student information and on top of all the items on your ever-growing to-do lists (general student info, student bus route info, returned forms checklist, teacher to-do lists, student binder covers).
Blog post on how I use the returned forms data sheet.

There is a matching word to picture assessment and data sheet included that can be used to determine if your students can read any schedule words.  This can help you determine if your kiddos are ready for word or picture schedules.  There is also a data sheet to collect data on how well your students are doing at the routine of following a schedule (this was almost always an IEP goal at some point for my students).  These are also included in my Visual Schedule Product.
Here is a blog post on how I took data on schedule following

All of my products have instructions for set up and you can always feel free to email me if you have any questions on how to utilize any of the materials.  In this product, I include a variety of sample filled out data sheets to show how to utilize them as well.  I am happy to collaborate with you to help you meet the needs of your students.

These resources are available as a bundle (that means every resource included in these 4 products available at a discounted rate) or as 4 separate products (Visual SchedulesNotes HomeBehavior Management and Classroom Visuals, and Data Sheets) so you can buy what you need, and not waste money on things you already have established in your classroom.

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